Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Keurig coffee maker issues and warranty - Bed Bath and Beyond can help

People love coffee and spend a lot of dough on it. If you have a Keurig single cup coffee maker, then you are familiar with the coffee pods. There is every flavor imaginable and many companies, like Dunkin Doughnuts, have their branded coffee in pods now. So 2 issues we'll talk about, the pods, then the maker itself.

          The pods are anywhere from $7.99 to $15.99 per box. Typically 18 pods per box is usual. They are not all created equally. If you get pods that leech grounds into the coffee or produce a less than average size cup, call the manufacturer. Green Mountain, for instance, will send you a replacement box if you call with an issue. You will need to give them some info on where you bought it, but they will take care of you.

          Have you seen the "descale" message pop up on your brewer? If so then you know that something is wrong. Typically it means there is build up in the lines that needs to be cleaned out. Usually caused by hard water or minerals clogging up the works. This can be done with vinegar and a toothpick and works well in most cases.
                1. Simply run a full resevoir of vinegar through, followed by a couple of just water.
                2. Then open the pod holder and with a toothpick, gently place it inside the hollow of the
                     puncture needle and swish it around to get any grounds or build up out.
                3. Now run a few cycles of water until no debris is in the cup.
If descale returns or if you notice the maker is "short cupping" then you will need to call Keurig. They will troubleshoot the issue and replace the unit if it is in warranty. But what if it is past the 1 year mark? Well if you got it at Bed Bath and Beyond, return it to them. Tell them it is short cupping and Keurig support was unable to resolve the issue. I have been contacted by several people and verified this with a local store. No receipt needed, just bring in the old unit and they will swap for the same model. Thats a $149.99 savings! You might want to call before hand and just make sure they have some in stock and are ok with doing that. As with any return policy, the rules that are bent or broken depend on your approach and the person behind the counter.


  1. Even if you didn't buy it there, they will replace it. They told my friend they have a contract with Keurig. She brought her old, broken one in and they told her to go pick out a new one. They didn't even care which one she picked!

    1. Technically, every retailer that has keurig products has a contract with them. Like any retailer, they won't accept a return if you didn't actually purchase the machine from them.

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  2. Incorrect. We didn't purchase our's from BBB, took it back and was given a brand new machine. We have a friend who did the same thing with the same results.

  3. What if you do not have the box when you are returning it?
    Will BBB take it back? Anyone suggestions is appreciated.

  4. Not a bad price on the coffee pods. Where do you buy them from?